Jonah has been designing and art directing studio and independant feature films, television shows, as well as commercials for the past 12 years. 


His recent credits include Mapplethorpe, HBO's Room 104, and A Futile And Stupid Gesture.  Other credits include The Diary of A Teenage Girl, Hollywood Adventures, the Sundance Jury & Audience Award winning film Quinceañera, We Are Marshall, Rocky Balboa, The Help, Alphadog,  A Lot Like Love,  The House of Sand and Fog, Blue Crush, and Crazy/Beautiful.


Commercial Clients include Crate And Barrel, Kate Spade, Mercedes, Ebay, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Blue Shield, Sutter Health, and More.


Jonah Markowitz  also has written and directed short and feature films,  recently finishing an artist residency at the San Francisco Film Society, where he completed the screenplay for his next feature film Start At The End.


He is currently finishing post-production on the forthcoming film Political Animals. ​Previously, Markowitz wrote and directed the critically acclaimed film Shelter which was​ released theatrically by Regent Entertainment. The film was recently named “The Number 1 Gay Film of All Time” by AfterElton.com on their bi-annual poll. Shelter also​ won the HBO Award for Outstanding First Feature, The Scion Director’s Award, as well as audience awards in New York, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Melbourne and more. ​Previously, Markowitz wrote and directed two short films,I Left Me and Hung Up, which screened at over 40 festivals worldwide and were both programmed at The American Cinematheque.


Previously, Markowitz worked in development at Colombia Pictures for producer Cathy Konrad and director Jim Mangold. ​Jonah graduated from the Film department at Emerson College and also studied art history in the Netherlands, as well as film theory and production at FAMU in The Czech Republic.

Story and Character lead the way in my design.  


I'm fascinated by portraiture.  Through portraits I see how people interact with their environments, with each other, with their world.


A true portrait communicates  about the subject's environment as well as the unique  path that has brought them to the camera, and where they will head when they step out of frame.

Understanding the Who and Why is my way of setting a goal for how to craft the Where.  


Collaborating with a director and then the rest of the creative team to define  an original method to get to here Is the beautiful challenge that integrates design into film.